Wait, Who’s Ani?

This is Ani!


She has no shame…

Ani is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier who loves her life (she told me). I will admit I wasn’t a true dog person before owning her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an animal lover, but I never really had this type of connection with a dog before. I loved her and she loved me back and it was noticeable.

Her face is priceless which makes me love her over and over again. If you need a smile just keep this face in mind!

Her face is priceless which makes me love her over and over again. If you need a smile just keep this face in mind!

Ani is about 9 months old – but this photo was taken when she was 8 months old. I said her face is priceless, don’t you agree? If not please look again.. Maybe this will help..


Ani enjoys relaxing too..

She definitely has a personality which makes our relationship so much stronger. I know when she’s scared, I know when she’s excited, and I even know when she’s pretending she’s a tough little watchdog (she’s all talk). Did you want to see one of Ani’s smiles? This is one of her best qualities!

ani smile

Look at those teeth!

Didn’t you smile when you saw her toothy smile? I bet you did. Anyway, this is my girl who continues to amaze me each and every day. I never realized I could care about another¬†creature this much which truly amazes me! I knew I would love her but I didn’t understand the¬†immensity of that word. I do now.

If you love your Wheaten or any breed of dog I’m sure you’ll understand! Hopefully I don’t look like that crazy dog mama, but maybe I want to be that crazy dog mama? You decide!

Bayley & Ani


Hi Everyone!

Hello bloggers! This is my introductory post and I hope it sparks your interest! This blog involves two of my favorite things which are my dog and my baking. I’ll start off with my dog. Ani is a 9 month old Wheaten Terrier who pretty much consumes my life. She’s energetic, yet relaxed. She’s a diva, yet doesn’t mind getting her paws dirty. She’s queen bee, yet runs to mama when her feelings are hurt. She’s my perfect puppy and I couldn’t/wouldn’t imagine her any other way. She’ll make me smile even on my worst days and I’m sure she’ll do the same for you. However, like I said, she’s just one of my two favorite things.
My second favorite thing I enjoy doing is baking. I’ve never been much into sweets and to tell you the truth things haven’t really changed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy creating them. Personally, my favorite desserts to bake are cupcakes; cupcakes of all shapes, sizes, flavors, colors, etc. I’d like to consider myself a creative person and I began my infatuation with creating cupcakes when I didn’t have anything to focus my creative juices on! Cupcakes were just the trick and I’ve developed a real love for creating them. To sum this all up, I love my dog and my cupcakes! Enjoy!

Bayley & Ani

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