Hi Everyone!

Hello bloggers! This is my introductory post and I hope it sparks your interest! This blog involves two of my favorite things which are my dog and my baking. I’ll start off with my dog. Ani is a 9 month old Wheaten Terrier who pretty much consumes my life. She’s energetic, yet relaxed. She’s a diva, yet doesn’t mind getting her paws dirty. She’s queen bee, yet runs to mama when her feelings are hurt. She’s my perfect puppy and I couldn’t/wouldn’t imagine her any other way. She’ll make me smile even on my worst days and I’m sure she’ll do the same for you. However, like I said, she’s just one of my two favorite things.
My second favorite thing I enjoy doing is baking. I’ve never been much into sweets and to tell you the truth things haven’t really changed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy creating them. Personally, my favorite desserts to bake are cupcakes; cupcakes of all shapes, sizes, flavors, colors, etc. I’d like to consider myself a creative person and I began my infatuation with creating cupcakes when I didn’t have anything to focus my creative juices on! Cupcakes were just the trick and I’ve developed a real love for creating them. To sum this all up, I love my dog and my cupcakes! Enjoy!

Bayley & Ani

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