Welcome! If you’re interested in cute pups, yummy cupcakes, and beautiful scenery with a taste of farm life – I’m your girl. My blog involves all three. I’ll start off with the first, my dog. Ani is a Wheaten Terrier who pretty much consumes my life. When you plan your days around a dog that’s a pretty good indication, she’s queen. She’s energetic, yet relaxed. She’s a diva, yet doesn’t mind getting her paws dirty. She’s queen bee, yet runs to mama when her feelings are hurt. She’s perfect and I wouldn’t/couldn’t imagine her any other way.

Second, my cupcakes. I love baking and I’ve always enjoyed creating something that is sure to put a smile on someones face. I’ve never been much into sweets and to tell you the truth things haven’t really changed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy creating them. I’d like to consider myself a creative person and I began my infatuation with creating cupcakes when I didn’t have anything to focus my creative juices on! Cupcakes were just the trick and I’ve developed a real love for creating them.

Third, the moments my horse and I capture. I’ve always loved photography and I find it fascinating capturing moments that may never exist again. You’re probably wondering why I added a “horse” to this equation. It’s simple, why would I want to capture these moments alone? Fleance is my Swedish Warmblood/Holsteiner cross. We capture moments together, which honestly makes the photographs sweeter. Enjoy!

Bayley & Ani

ani me


4 thoughts on “About

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  2. Betsy Billinghurst says:

    Hi there! We have a new wheaten puppy (Mabel) and she has very similar markings to your Ani. I love how you trim her. We’re visiting the groomer soon and want a non-traditional cut for Mabel too. Can you tell what the groomer calls the trim for Ani? Is there a name for it? Thank you! She is precious!!

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